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Secret Society

Our Mission

We have dominated the galaxy for millennia and now we have colonised the Earth to harvest more resources! We are the reptilians. If you seek financial freedom join us on our path to complete domination.
RSS Chapter 1: The Proposal

Why Dominance is Inevitable

  • 3 stage NFT system
  • Investing in mining equipment
  • Investing in early-stage cryptocurrency projects
  • An NFT growth model that ensures
    exponential growth
  • All profits will be either airdropped to NFT holders,
    or re-invested


Phase 1

  • Acquire URL & social channels
  • Fill first 200 whitelist slots
  • Complete roadmap & website design and development
  • Engage in initial talks for community investing
  • Hire first wave of reptilians
Phase 1


We are creating a dynamic mining system giving NFT holders passive income, which grows incrementally and exponentially. We will also be automating a community pot to invest in new project at seed and private sale levels. Money generated from both these mining and early-stage investments will be airdropped to NFT holders proportionately.

NFT Stages

  • Stage 1
    Reptilian Egg
    6633 eggs. 1033 to be
    minted in the seed round
  • Stage 2
    Egg hatches into Reptilian
    100+ Traits, including 24 Skins
    and 24 Weapons
  • Stage 3
    Unlock the 3rd stage of evolution
    When you look at me,
    don't be fooled by what you see


  • 1. Who are the Reptilian Secret Society?

    We are the worlds most secret and highly esteemed society. We explore, infiltrate and conquer. We are always watching!

  • 2. Why should I join the RSS?

    We have a dangerous combination of unchecked ambition, natural inducement and deadly execution. We have many great plans of domination, join us before it's too late!

  • 3. What is the utility?

    There are two main functions of utility.

    1. We will be investing in new cryptocurrency projects at seed/private sale level.
    2. We will be investing in mining equipment.
    The initial money for these pots will be raised through a percentage of the mint and a percentage of royalties on the secondary sale. More details will be disclosed in the whitepaper.

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Core Team

  • The General
  • The Gamer
  • The Genius
  • The Psychopath
  • The Miner
"When you buy one of our NFTs you become one of the founding fathers of an elite investment and mining firm"

NFT Minting

7th September 2022 - 10pm GMT

Reptilian Secret Society

We are always watching
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